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Name? Briannon Loni Keller
Age? 19
Gender? Female
Birthday? March 2nd
Job at Camp Half-Blood?* Oracle
How well do you see through the Mist? Pffft I can see through all of it. Plus more(:


Hair color? Dark brown, but likes to change it
Hair style? Curly, but wears it however she wants
Hair length? Most of the time long, but likes to cut it
Eye color? Hazel... green in some lights, but mostly brown
Eye shape? Almond
Skin tone? Ivory
Height? 5'7
Body type? Curvy
Birthmarks? None
Other? Freckles


Likes? Singing, Swimming, Getting into trouble, Annoying people, Being random, Being herself, Reading, Not listening, Acting
Dislikes? Following rules, Sitting down, Being quiet, Telling the truth (when not needed Wink), Having to be serious, Physical Activity (for the most part), People who are stereo-typical
Strengths? Acting, Telling the future (ROFL), Not being influenced by other people, Can detect lies, Can lie easily, Knows how to use other people's strengths and weakness to her advantage, Understanding people
Weaknesses? Too arrogant, Too independent, Speaks her mind, Gets herself into trouble (on purpose and accidentally), Doesn't know her own strength, Pushes the limits too far, Too stubborn
Other? In other words... she is an eccentric business women(:


Mother? Belinda Keller nee Dominguez
Father? Landon Keller
Siblings? Willa Keller (26), Kaden Keller (16 and her twin), Genevieve Keller (14)
Pets? Her family has a Border Collie named Articus Finch (Willa went through a To Kill A Mockingbird stage), but Briannon has a Siamese kitten named Fighter (He bit her when she first held him)
Do any of your relatives also have sight? Kaden does, but only slightly. (It appears blurry to him)
Have/will you had/have a child by a god or goddess? I sure hope so Wink

~Personal History~

Briannon was born in Seattle, Washington. Her life was fairly uneventful, because her family was very normal. Nothing excited happened until she was sixteen. Her brother and twin, Kaden, won a trip to New York. He only had one extra ticket and, of course, he took his twin Briannon. While in New York, they visited the Empire State building. Briannon told the man that worked by the elevator that she wanted to go to the very top of the building. He asked her if she could see through the mist. Briannon, evidently, didn't know what the mist was, but said yes. Well, he sent her to the top of the tower, but Kaden had to stay down.
Briannon was thoroughly freaked out, when the doors opened and she was at the 600th floor. A satyr and demigod found her standing there, amazed by what Mount Olympus was. The demigod asked her what she was doing there. She replied by saying that she had no clue and she was just here with her brother. He asked if she was mortal. She said that of course she was mortal, what else could she be. Then, Hera herself came and found Briannon. Briannon remembered her saying. "Ah... the new oracle is here." Thus, starting her career as the new oracle.
Briannon made a decision when she was seventeen to live at Camp Halfblood all year round. She was finished with high school (she skipped a grade) and knew that the Camp would need her there full time. Rachel Dare, the oracle before her, had dead due to hear complications. Most know that the oracle can still live in a dead body, but Briannon was destined to be it. Briannon is known as the trouble maker at the Camp. Most little kids love her and she loves to be around them. The camp is her family and she feels like she is the older sister of everyone there.
Her family thinks that Briannon died in a terrible accident. Her brother, Kaden, swears that Briannon is still alive. One day in December, he was hiking with his friend Phillip and stumbled across Camp Halfblood. Him, being a mortal, can't go into the camp, but he could see it. Briannon was standing by the entrance, smoking (she can't do it anywhere else). Kaden saw her, but she was blurry. Briannon saw him too and ran back to camp, but throwing the cigarette over the barrier. Kaden took it home, showing his family that her favorite brand of discontinued lipstick was on it. They say that he is still stricken with grief and is imagining things. Genevieve and Willa miss her too, along wit her parents, but they have moved on like Briannon wanted. Kaden is stubborn like her and knows that she is still alive.
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