Squirtle+Water Gun=?

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Squirtle+Water Gun=?  Empty Squirtle+Water Gun=?

Post by Ryan Ross on Wed Apr 20, 2011 8:20 am

Ryan sat on the cabin steps, Squirtle in his lap, a full water gun and a roll of tape next to him. His old pair of glasses were at his feet, as the twelve year old has foregone contacts for the day, preferring to do this half blind. Grabbing the gun, Ryan set it on Squirtle's shell, and reaching the tape, wincing as his pet bit him. "Ouch.." he hissed, bringing to his mouth,

"Bad Squirtle. Would you like it if I bit you?" Ryan scolded, putting on his glasses as he brought the oblivious turtle up to his face. "Exactly."

Taping the gun on the mottled green shell, Ryan grinned and tested the trigger, wincing as it fell off. "Great. Just great..." he muttered, thinking up a way for the gun to stay on.
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