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Name? Dexter Patrick Harley
Nickname? Dex, anything else you can come up with.
Age? 14
Birthday? September/10
Year-round camper or only summer? Year-round
What is packed in your suitcase? A collection of bright shirts, colorful skinny jeans, vibrant shoes, and a picture of his twin sister.


Hair color? Blonde
Hair style? Curly, messy.
Hair length? Medium-length.
Eye color? Blue-green
Eye shape? Almond-shaped
Skin tone? Olive-toned. Tans easily.
Height? 5'6
Body type? Thin, lanky, slightly muscled
Birthmarks? None.

Likes? Alternative music, art, camping, nature, pizza, fresh fruit, making new friends, talking to people, satyrs, the color green, breaking rules, and smoothies.
Dislikes? Dealing with idiots, being mad, vegetables, people intentionally trying to get on his bad side, pollution, deforestation, monsters.
Strengths? Cooking, growing things, getting into trouble.
Weaknesses? Can't resist anything dangerous, selfish, gets angry easily.
Other? Dex is very loyal to those who understand him. He is easier to be friends with if you share some of his likes and dislikes. Dex is closest to the people who share his passion for danger, but aren't stupid about it.


Immortal parent: Demeter
Regular parent: Xander Harley
Siblings? Tara Harley (twin sister)
Half-siblings? Not that he knows of.
Pet? N/A
~Personal History~

Dexter Patrick Harley, or Dex, as most people know him by, was born on a rainy day in Manhattan a few minutes before his twin sister Tara. At least, this is the story he'd been told, although the hospital that Dex's father always talked about said they had no files on the two children - Dex had checked. Dex lived a pretty normal life. Sort of. Both he and his sister had both ADHD and Dyslexia. Their doctor had said it was quite common in Manhattan for people to have both ADHD and Dyslexia, but he'd never seen it occur in two siblings before, let alone twins.

Dex's father was an environmentalist with money still flowing into his bank account from his father's success as a broadway star. He was always away from home, protesting global warming and sleeping in trees that were supposed to be cut down. Most of the time, Xander wasn't even in the state of New York. He was all over the place and left Dex and Tara in the care of their grandmother. Both Dex and his sister attended Manhattan Arts, where nobody there seemed to care what their problem was, but had accepted them anyway.

Dex often found comfort in camping. New York didn't really have a lot of trees, and while the young boy longed to be around the states with his father, he settled for building makeshift tents in Central Park and eating whatever berries he found there. His grandparents let him go alone a lot. Dex was a Boy Scout, and he progressed through the levels rather quickly given his age.

One day when Dex was twelve, he was out camping in Central Park when a monster had broken into their house and killed his sister. Dex hadn't known until the next morning when he'd arrived home to the police cars, news reporters, and pitying looks of people he and his sister had known. Dex didn't want pity, though. He wanted his sister. He wanted to know what was going on. When he'd asked to see his grandparents, he'd found out they'd been hospitalized for speaking gibberish about animals with glowing red eyes and razor sharp teeth. They hadn't been harmed. It seemed as though the murderers had only ben looking for Tara...and possibly Dex.

All of the next year was spent camping. Dex wasn't technically running away from anything but life. He attended school like he normally would. He went from being one of the most popular kids in school to being one of the Invisibles. He never raised his hand to answer a question, he only exchanged brief hellos and goodbyes with his old friends as he passed them in the halls, and he would even sit alone in the courtyard during lunch. Of course, Dex's good grades began plummeting. He went from a 3.95 GPA to a 2.0. He stopped caring and let things pile up. Homework, projects, extra credit. Dex would go to school, go to Central Park, go home the next morning to change clothes and start the process all over again.

There was one night when Dex had heard a rustle in the bushes near where his tent was. He'd thought it was the thing that had killed his sister, which he would later find out was a monster, but it had turned out to be a kid that he'd recognized from school. Dex had never really talked to the kid. The boy walked with a sort of limp, but Dex thought it was a birth defect or something because it had been that way for as long as he'd known the boy. Aspen was his name. Aspen had seen Dex, then scurried off into a set of trees. Dex had begun talking to Aspen the day after that, and they'd soon become friends, breaking down some of the walls Dex had put up since the death of his sister.

A couple of months later, in December, Dex had agreed to spend winter break with Aspen. He was taken to Camp Half-Blood and it had been explained to him what he was, what his sister had been, and what had really happened to him. It had opened up old wounds, bringing up Tara's death again. And Dex had screamed at the camp director for the casual way he'd spoken of it. Like it was no big deal. Like it had happened all the time. That night at the camp fire, Dex had been claimed by Demeter. He didn't speak to Aspen again, still angry that he'd been tricked into coming to camp, but he returned for the next summer before deciding to be a year-round camper.

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