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Post by Poseidon on Sat Apr 16, 2011 11:45 am

Poseidon~God of the Sea~ Poseid11


Name? Poseidon
God/goddess of? The Sea
Friends with? Apollo, Hermes, Hera, Zeus, Aphrodite
Children by (in this time period)? Kayleigh Smyth
How often do you visit camp? Once a week or every other week at least
How do you claim your children? Puts the symbol of a Trident on their forehead


Preferred hair color? Brown
Preferred hair length? Short buzzed cut almost
Preferred eye color? Blue
Preferred eye shape? round
Preferred skin tone? Tan
Preferred height? 6"1
Preferred body type? Buff, muscular
Birthmarks that are always there? (Even when you change shape) Mark of a water drop on his left wrist


Likes? The Sea, visiting his daughter, his ally Apollo, Watching the sunset
Dislikes? Hatred, heated water, the arguing between Zeus and Hades
Strengths? Being able to use the water to heal himself
Weaknesses? His Children
Other? Tries to control his temper but sometimes is unable to

(NOTE: I know gods/goddesses families are complicate. As such, the only required field in the Family section is Demigodly children.)

Demigodly children (currently registered)? Kayleigh Smyth
Parents? Kronos and Rhea
Siblings? Zeus, Hades, Hestia, Hera and Demetra
Spouse? Amphitrite


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