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Name? Danielle Sofia Manaji
Nickname? Dani, Danni, it varies.
Age? 16
Birthday? July 26
Year-round camper or only summer? Year-round
What is packed in your suitcase? ...Isn't that kind of personal? Well, if you must know, I have a teddy bear named Mr. Num-Nums that I've had since I was a kid, drumsticks, aaaaaaand a pocketknife. Yes, a pocketknife. I have to protect myself *cough*fight*cough* somehow.


Hair color? Dark brown.
Hair style? Almost always straight and always down.
Hair length? Past the shoulder.
Eye color? Gray.
Eye shape? Kind of wide.
Skin tone? Kind of tan.
Height? 5'8"
Body type? Willowy, thin.
Birthmarks? None.
Other? I almost always have a smile on my face, whether it's genuinely happy or malicious, one never really knows.


Likes? Fighting, aggravating people, the idea of war, playing the drums, dogs, action *cough*violent*cough* movies, my teddy bear (yes, I like my teddy bear. Get over it).
Dislikes? Pacifists, cheaters, hypocrites, cowards, weak opponents, cats (they make me sneeze), gymnastics.
Strengths? Fighting, weaponry, gymnastics (just because I don't like it doesn't mean I'm not good at it), persistent, aggravating people, frustrating people.
Weaknesses? Ha, I have no weaknesses. (OOC: Of course she does. They include hotheadedness, stubbornness, sometimes being too persistent, pride, boys [most definitely], 13% blind in her right eye.)
Other? Why bother asking if I'm not going to tell you? (OOC: She can be nice when she wants to be. Sometimes she is when caught off guard. Half of the time, her ferocity is because she wants to be like her father, however shocking that may be.)


Immortal parent: Ares
Regular parent: Fern Manaji
Siblings? None.
Half-siblings? Marcus DeArnise (Hehe. Arnie.)
Pet? Rocky, my German Shepherd

~Personal History~

(OOC Section Very Happy)

Danielle was conceived in a one-night-stand, as many demigods are. Her father is Ares, God of War, whom she doesn't know all that much about, besides that he's, of course, the God of War. Her mother, Fern, refused to talk about Ares until the day Danielle asked about her dad a couple years back. She actually told the truth to her daughter, who wouldn't stop asking, saying that her father was the Greek God of War. Of course, Danielle didn't believe her. She took out her frustrations on the wall, creating a huge hole. Only then did she realize that her mother wasn't lying.

She took gymnastics as a child, so she's very flexible and athletic, though she's quite thin. She takes challenges and tries her hardest to win, and if she doesn't, she claims that the only reason her opponent won is that she's partly blind. Sometimes she practices fighting on trees and nature, but doesn't get that much of a workout. She thinks that fighting people is better. She sometimes resorts to using her pocketknife when she isn't supposed to, therefore making her a cheater and a hypocrite, two things that she doesn't like, yet she doesn't consider those take these into consideration for herself.
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