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Post by Ares on Mon Apr 04, 2011 11:09 am


Name? Ares
God/goddess of? War
Friends with? Apollo and Zeus
Children by (in this time period)?
How often do you visit camp? about once a week or so
How do you claim your children? By putting a sign of a spear over their heads


Preferred hair color? Dark Brown
Preferred hair length? Short, crew cut
Preferred eye color? Brown
Preferred eye shape? Almond shaped
Preferred skin tone? Golden tan
Preferred height? 5'11
Preferred body type? Skinny but muscular
Birthmarks that are always there? (Even when you change shape) Varied scars all over my body
Other? Nope


Likes? War, fighting, and riding his Harley
Dislikes? Peace, hippies, and happy people
Strengths? Fighting
Weaknesses? Academics
Other? Quite slow, short temper, a total mush ball around Aphrodite

(NOTE: I know gods/goddesses families are complicate. As such, the only required field in the Family section is Demigodly children.)

Demigodly children (currently registered)? None
Parents? Zeus and Hera
Siblings? Soooooo many, dude. Soooooo many. I can't even count that high!
Spouse? I forgot....
Other? having an affair with Aphrodite

Nothing to tell, really
Most people know your personal history. Write down anything you'd like here.

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