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Post by Artemis on Mon Apr 04, 2011 9:38 am

Artemis The Goddess of the Hunt Tumblr10

Name? Artemis
God/goddess of? The Hunt, Forest, Hills and the Moon
Friends with? The Gods and Goddess and her hunters
Children by (in this time period)? None
How often do you visit camp? Often
How do you claim your children? I don't have children


Preferred hair color? Red
Preferred hair length? Medium
Preferred eye color? Silver
Preferred eye shape? Almond
Preferred skin tone? Ivory
Preferred height? 5'7
Preferred body type? Curvy
Birthmarks that are always there? (Even when you change shape) A scar of a moon on her neck


Likes? Wildlife, Hunting, Bows and Arrows, Helping her girls (hunters), Being around her hunters
Dislikes? Boys, Being wrong, Material things, Laziness, Doing things other peoples' ways
Strengths? Hunting, Shooting a bow and arrow, Helping with Childbirth, Helping Animals
Weaknesses? Too arrogant at times, Bossy, Sometimes appears rude, Her brother

(NOTE: I know gods/goddesses families are complicate. As such, the only required field in the Family section is Demigodly children.)

Demigodly children (currently registered)? None, I have hunters
Parents? Zeua and Leto
Siblings? Apollo (twin) and many other Gods/Goddess
Spouse? None


Most people know your personal history. Write down anything you'd like here.

Artemis only can stand her hunters and other girls. Boys are no good.

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