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Name? Alexander Matthew Vander
Nickname? Alex. Nothing else.
Age? 16
Birthday? (Month/Day) January 31st
Year-round camper or only summer? Year-round
What is packed in your suitcase? Clothes, cell phone, iPod, pocketknife, water gun (who doesn't like to have a little fun?), and a picture of his mother.


Hair color? Brown
Hair style? Messy
Hair length? Umm...don't know how to put it
Eye color? Brown
Eye shape? Round?
Skin tone? Tan
Height? Fairly tall
Body type? Muscular
Birthmarks? None


Likes? Anything athletic, dogs, aggravating people, fights (watching and participating)
Dislikes? Reading, people who think they're above everyone else, cowards, weaklings
Strengths? Fighting, aggravating, frustrating, and girls (some)
Weaknesses? Umm... girls (some) and temper
Other? For a child of Ares, I'm considered to be very nice. Don't push it.


Immortal parent: Ares
Regular parent: Krista Vander
Siblings? None
Half-siblings? Marcus, Dani
Pet? Used to have a golden retriever, Bruce

~Personal History~


Alex was conceived during a one night stand, and didn't know he was a child of Ares until he was ten years old. At first, Alex didn't believe his mother, and ruined the dining table during the fight they had. Soon, he became to realize the signs and realized his mother was telling the truth. Throughout his life, Alex has been gifted in athletics. He's a fast runner, strong, and has become an excellent sword fighter since arriving at Camp Half Blood.

(OOC: If there's anything I need to change, let me know.)
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