Remembering (Jamie and Colby)

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Remembering (Jamie and Colby) Empty Remembering (Jamie and Colby)

Post by Colby-Jane Darkwing on Thu Apr 28, 2011 9:04 am

Colby wandered through the forest, as she did when she needed to think. and right now, she really needed to think. For starters there was Aaron. Colby liked him... kinda a lot. And they'd only talked a little, but he was super nice and sweet. And good looking too. She blushed at the thought.Second up was.. her brother. It would be 7 years ago in three days. 7 years. The pain had faded quite a bit, but it still felt like there was a part of her missing. He was her twin after al. lSavanna. She was next. She was going to give Colby "Bad Ass Leasons" (Colby firmly believed they would fail. She was too shy to be BA) But hey. Why not go for it. Savanna was pretty cool after all.

And then there was James. Her best friend who promised to meet her here 20 minutes ago. He was never very good at time...

Colby sat down on a fallen log and waited for him to appeare
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Remembering (Jamie and Colby) Empty Re: Remembering (Jamie and Colby)

Post by James Holt on Thu Apr 28, 2011 12:03 pm

James was late. Well wasn't he always though? He hurried though the forest, limping slightly as always. Which did not help with speed. He saw her then. His best friend in the world and then some. She was thinking. He could tell. Colby was pacing and looking around blankly. He smiled slightly as she sat down and looked annoyed. She never stopped waiting for him did she? He was nearly 20 minutes late, and she was still here.

"Sorry" He said sitting next to her "You have every right to beat me senseless. I am aware that I am nearly 20 minutes late-" He stopped talking and gave her a quick hug "You still love me right?"
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