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Post by Alyssa Everling on Wed Apr 27, 2011 12:09 am


Name? - Alyssa Everling
Nickname? - Lyssa, Lyss
Age? - 15
Birthday? (Month/Day) - September 23rd
Year-round camper or only summer? - Year round
What is packed in your suitcase? - Clothes, iPod, money, cell phone, Wuthering Heights (OOC: Although reading makes her head hurt, Alyssa often uses it as something to hold close as it was a present from her father)


Hair color? - Brownish black
Hair style? - However I want it to be (OOC: Mostly up in a ponytail, but if down usually wavy)
Hair length? - Long
Eye color? - Emerald green
Eye shape? - Diamond
Skin tone? - Tan
Height? - Short
Body type? - Skinny
Birthmarks? None


Likes? - Cats, running, flirting, anything to do with clothes, hair, or makeup
Dislikes? - Spiders, stupid people, annoying people, people who think they're funny when they're not, you get my point...
Strengths? - Looks, flirting, running
Weaknesses? - Spiders, fighting (unless against someone weak, then it's a 50/50 chance)
Other? - I'm almost always in a good mood, and I hate being upset.


Immortal parent: - Aphrodite
Regular parent: - Rodger Everling (deceased)
Siblings? - None
Half-siblings? - Some
Pet? - None

~Personal History~

Alyssa knew she was the daughter of Aphrodite since the day she could remember anything in her head. Her mortal father passed away when she was twelve, and has been at camp since. Despite what she may seem like, Alyssa can sprint very fast, which has proven to be a strength to her so far in life. Naturally, being a daughter of Aphrodite, she's very pretty and enjoys flirting with boys. She's considered to be nice, although can get mean and nasty when she's upset.

(OOC: I just wanted to apologize if I caused any problems with my first profile, I hope my edits are satisfactory.)

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Alyssa Everling
Alyssa Everling

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Post by Athena on Thu Apr 28, 2011 4:58 am

A few things you need to change about your profile:

1. Under dislikes, you have 'stuck-up preppy people'. You are a daughter of Aphrodite, are you not? Whether you show it or not, you're all preppy in your own way.

2. Looks and brains? Demigods are dyslexic and ADHD. They are not, forgive me, the sharpest crayons in the box (at least school-wise) with the exception of my children because I am goddess of wisdom. Please choose one or the other.

3. How exactly does being silent and rude to everyone make you a child of Aphrodite? Expand on it. You can fill up your history as much as you want.

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