Savanna Williams' Personal Plotline

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Savanna Williams' Personal Plotline Empty Savanna Williams' Personal Plotline

Post by Savanna Williams on Wed Apr 20, 2011 11:54 am

Father- Hades
Mother- Melinda Williams (Deceased)
Cousins- Kayleigh Smyth and Aaron Chase
Uncles- Zeus and Poseidon

Friends and Aquantainces:
Anthony MacPherson- Boyfriend
Jonathon Liks- Ex-Boyfriend
Sara Harmond- Best Friend
Briannon Keller- Best Friend
Danielle Manaji- Acquaintance
Ryan Ross- Acquaintance
Colby-Jane Darkwing- Acquaintance

Current Threads:

Finding Something to Corrupt-
Coming Home-
Dealing with Myself-

Running into a Familiar Face:
Wandering in the Dark-
A Lazy Sunday-
Voice Within-
Eating Lunch, Waiting for Trouble-
A Comforting Pain-

Future Plots:
Staying in a relationship with Anthony
Having a food fight with Sara, Tony and Dani
Being good friends with Jonny-Boy
Fighting with everyone Wink
Living *crosses fingers*
Savanna Williams
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