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Post by Jonathon Liks on Wed Apr 20, 2011 11:22 am

Father- Kylar Liks
Mother- Aphrodite
Stepmother- Melanie Havish-Liks
Halfbrother- Thomas Celare

Friends and Aquantainces:
Savanna Williams- Ex-Girlfriend
Danielle Minaji - Acquaintance
Briannon Keller - Acquaintance
Sara Harmond - Acquaintance
Thomas Celare- Half Brother
Kurt Gutierrez- Boyfriend (permission given to do so)

Current Threads:
Shockers and Lack of Memories (continuation)
With: Savanna Williams

Future Plots:
-Currently amnesiac
---Faking it

-Get better at fighting
---Beat someone in a duel
-Meet more guys
---Make sure that they aren't total arses
Jonathon Liks
Jonathon Liks

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