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Post by Apollo on Mon Apr 18, 2011 5:58 am

Okay. So this section is for you to post your personal plotlines. It's in the OOC board because it doesn't effect what happens, it's so you can plan what's happening next should you wish, and to also keep track of what you're doing and who you've met. For example

~Apollo's Life~
Family: Leto (Mother) Zeus (Father)
Many sisters and Brothers within the Olympians.
Nathan House (Son) and also Person B, C, D, E. (Just imagine they're names)

Friends and Aquaintences:
E (Again, pretend)

Current Threads:

Talking about making massive destructive war machine- in progress- here. (In here spot it can be useful to put the link there, or hyperlink the 'here' part.)



Friends and Aquantainces:

Current Threads:

Future Plots:

So there's a VERY basic design. You can build on it yourselves and put extra information on yours, I'm just giving you the basic outline.

Questions on this? Post them here or owl me!

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