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Name? Sisilee Anne Athreide
Nickname? Anything you can think of.
Age? 15
Birthday? 07/07
Year-round camper or only summer? Some times summer, sometime year-round.
What is packed in your suitcase? Clothes, shoes,


Hair color? Brown
Hair style? Wavy, usually out
Hair length? Long
Eye color? Dark brown
Eye shape? Prominent
Skin tone? Fair during the winter, very lightly tan during the summer
Height? 5'6"
Body type? Slim
Birthmarks? None
Other? None


Likes? Chocolate, new places, old places, different food, experiencing new things
Dislikes? Being in one place to long, Aphrodite children, having responsibility, flowers, egocentric people,
Strengths? Archery, making weapons, sword fighting
Weaknesses? Canoeing, tracking, using throwing weapons like javelin
Other? Ever since she was young, all Sisilee wanted to do was travel. She wanted to see everything that she could, and venture to anywhere she got the chance to go. She often felt the pull rto be a thief, howver her own moral upraising stopped her from sinking to that level. However sometimes her hands will go towards something as if about to take it, but she almost always resists the temptation.


Immortal parent: Hermes
Regular parent: Elouise Athreide
Siblings? none
Half-siblings? none that she knows of
Pet? none

~Personal History~

Sisilee was born as the result of a one night stand, like most Half-Bloods are. She was raised by her Mother Elouise, and it was a strict but fair upraising, with her never being told to steal. While she was ADHD and Dyslexic like most Half-Bloods, she read about foreign countries and has always wanted to travel there. She found her way to Camp Half-Blood at 13, and now trains there, sometimes staying there the whole year, other years just training over the summer.
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