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Kayleigh Smyth Kay210


Name? Kayleigh JoAnn Smyth
Nickname? KayKay, Kay, Leigh and if you want to give me more go on ahead
Age? 16
Birthday? June 22
Year-round camper or only summer? She goes back and forth from being year round one year then just a summer the next year do that off and on
What is packed in your suitcase? Clothes, Necessities every girl needs. A few water bottles just in case a couple weapons of course


Hair color? Brown
Hair style? It is usually down and wavy
Hair length? Just a tad little past her shoulder blade
Eye color? Blue
Eye shape? oval shaped but still rounded out
Skin tone? Tannish
Height? 5"6
Body type? Slender Skinny
Birthmarks? none
Other? She usually always has a bottle water filled to the brim with water on her for reason such as healing herself with it.


Likes? Water(of course) The stars, and being able to think in peace
Dislikes? Mud, getting disgustingly dirty, being around a lot of people talking
Strengths? Fast Swimming-it provides a great get away in time of need
Weaknesses? Heat, Anger Problems, Heavy Pride and doesn't follow orders well
Other? Kayleigh much like her father Poseidon, is great with water and can manipulate it to creat jets of water to shoot at people though she is still practicing her newly found skill so she doesn't always seem to get it just right for the water to knock the person over yet.


Immortal parent: Poseidon
Regular parent: Sarah Smyth
Siblings? Doesn't know
Half-siblings? Not that she knows of
Pet? A sneaky gray ferret that has a little orange like group of hair on the top of his head. She calls him Carrot-top

~Personal History~
Kayleigh was born June 22, and met her best friend Thomas Celare, Son of Aphrodite, when she was but of five years old. She pretty much grew up next to Thomas her whole life and when they both found out about being DemiGods they went to camp together as well. Kayleigh soon found out she was the Daughter of Poseidon which explained a lot. She always had a love for water and a bad temper.
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