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Aaralyn Coldwell Jessic11~General~

Name? Aaralyn Genevieve Coldwell
Nickname? Whatever you can think of
Age? 16
Birthday? August 2
Year-round camper or only summer? Summer
What is packed in your suitcase? My clothing, My toiletries, My kitten, A journal, Make-up, Jewelry, Another journal, A picture of her and her best fried Lily (mortal), and other random things


Hair color? Honey Blonde
Hair style? Wavy and most 40's inspired
Hair length? Mid-waist
Eye color? Chocolate Brown
Eye shape? Almond
Skin tone? Tan
Height? 5'6
Body type? Petite
Birthmarks? None


Likes? Relationships, Harmony, Music, Dancing, Feelings, Pleasing others, Humbleness, Giving to others, Trying her best, Living up to other's expectations, Reading, Writing, Poetry, Dressing up, Swimming, Boys

Dislikes? Fighting, Anger, Sadness, Losing, Death, Arrogant people, Selfishness, Whining, Crying, Running, Heights, People who cause issues, Social outcasts, Bullies, Math, Backstabbing

Strengths? Social climbing, Charming people, Writing Poetry, Singing, Dancing, Being selfless, Not causing drama, Reading quickly, Getting people together

Weaknesses? Too trusting, Too sweet, Doesn't know when to say no, Shy, Worries too much, Gets too deep into others; issues, Is a martyr, Boys, Chocolate



Immortal parent: Aphrodite
Regular parent: Ian Coldwell
Siblings? Brianna Coldwell (14) and Gabriella Coldwell (4)
Half-siblings? Jonathon Liks, Thomas Celare, James Holt
Pet? White kitten names Jessie

~Personal History~

Aaralyn was born on August 2. When she was born, she was given t her father in the middle of the night. He was having an affair with Aphrodite while his fiancee stayed home. His fiancee, Kendra Braxton, was very trusting and believed that he was just working late. When Aaralyn was given to Ian, Kendra finally figure it out. She almost left him, but she was so in love that she stayed with him.

Aaralyn's life was quiet and calm. Her father and step-mom weren't in love, but they loved each other enough to be in a routine. Aaralyn spent most of her childhood volunteering at animal shelters and at her school. Kendra, even though loving, was often cold to her step daughter, since she was proof that Ian could never be in love with her. Aaralyn didn't understand the women's coolness, so she helped out around her community.

Her father, once Aaralyn turned twelve, told her that her mother was Aphrodite; the Goddess of love. Aaralyn, of course, didn't believe him. But, he convinced her to go to this camp for the summer. Aaralyn loved camps, so this was easy. Once Aaralyn got to the camp, she was fully convinced that she was a demigod. Now, she visits the camp every summer, even though she begs to be a year round camper.

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