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Name? Marcus Valygar DeArnise
Nickname? Mark, Marky, Maker, Arny (Only for Dani though)
Age? 15
Birthday? April 14th
Year-round camper or only summer? Year-Round
What is packed in your suitcase? All kinds of things. Armour, Books, a couple knives (A guy needs to be able to defend himself!) Picture of his mum whom he never met.


Hair color? Blonde, though it may seem different under different lights.
Hair style? Spiked up the majority of the time, sometimes worn flat.
Hair length? Short, only the slightest bit around his ears.
Eye color? Blue, ice blue even, though at times they can darken.
Eye shape? Quite round and wide.
Skin tone? Slightly tanned.
Height? 5'8"
Body type? Slightly muscled, athletic and good stamina type of build.
Birthmarks? Miniscule scar on his right arm (Thankfully he's left handed)


Likes? Fighting, being in the thick of things, combat and being able to play his role in it. Reading, singing (though he feels it makes him a pansy)

Dislikes? Being over-confident, each person still has their role to play, sometimes one can be the hero, but it can be far too costly, arrogance, someone will not know everything, nobles as they tend to have one if not both of the previous factors, people who use their lineage to act superior to others in all ways, yet a noble will likely no nothing of labouring in fields and such.

Strengths? Swordmanship; fencing; all variations of close combat in reality, he is proficient with a number of Melee weapons, but doesn't flaunt the fact, he's also quite intelligent, and he at least surpasses most peoples standards of Ares children being remarkable dumb.

Weaknesses? He can be far too prideful at times due to his upbringing, but his half-sister tends to bring him down from that and set him straight when he needs it, if he ever had to fight a troll, he would likely need a lot of assistance from, he's had a bad run in with them.

Other? Marcus tries to not come off as rude or unfriendly, however he somehow tends to end up doing that anyway, he can be quite wary around people he has never met and dislikes snotty people with a passion.


Immortal parent: Ares
Regular parent: Nalia DeArnise
Siblings? He might.
Half-siblings? Danielle Manaji

~Personal History~

Marcus was born to Nalia DeArnise and Ares, it being a one night stand, which of course is basically routine for the Gods. His mother was killed in childbirth, and he was raised by his grandparents, who were your archtypical snotty rich nobles. He hated them intensely, and he refused to allow himself to fall into the same pattern, often going out and helping the servants with their duties, until one day his family was attacked by a troll, and he was only able to escape thanks to a well known servant who was actually a satyr, he never meet the satyr again after he got safely to Camp Half-Blood at the Age of 12.

He keeps to his belief that his mother would have agreed with what he has done, and keeps the one picture of her he found close to him at all times, thankfully almost no-one knows the DeArnise name, as most of their industry is centered in France, and he tends to get by unnoticed by most.

It does not matter how much you say here, but you must fill it out.
Marcus DeArnise
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