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Name? James Alexander Holt
Nickname? Jay
Age? 16
Birthday? May 3
Year-round camper or only summer? Year round
What is packed in your suitcase? Clothing, Sword, a book or two, and a picture of his family


Hair color? Brown
Hair style? neat(ish) and in his eyes
Hair length? Just brushes shoulders in the back
Eye color? dark green
Eye shape? Round (and kinda small)
Skin tone? pale
Height? 5'8"
Body type? thin
Birthmarks? none
Other? Has a bit of a limp, Glasses


Likes? Reading, girls, wandering, dueling, lizards, himself
Dislikes? talking, swimming, archery, irritating people
Strengths? good with his sword, smart, trustworthy
Weaknesses? slowed down by his limp, shy, doesn't like talking too much, over thinks things, a bit self-obsessed and shallow.


Immortal parent: Aphordite
Regular parent: Theo Holt
Siblings? none
Half-siblings? none
Pet? Rocky, his Lizard

~Personal History~

James grew up mostly in England. His father was a professor at a small college in London for several years. When 9, his father and him moved back to New York.
James was always getting kicked out of schools. Things would just happen and he would be the one who was blamed.
When he was ten, James fell out of a tree and injured his leg, giving him a permanent limp.
James came to Camp Half Blood when he was 12. He's been a year rounder ever since.
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