Apollo, God of Music, Sun, Prophecies, healing, and many others.

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Apollo, God of Music, Sun, Prophecies, healing, and many others.

Post by Apollo on Thu Apr 14, 2011 6:28 am


Name? Apollo
God/goddess of? Sun, Music, Prophecy, Healing, many other things.
Friends with? Most of the other Gods and Goddesses, he thinks.
Children by (in this time period)? Nathan House,
How often do you visit camp? It depends on my whims.
How do you claim your children? A blinding halo, followed by the emblem/holographic symbol of a nocked bow. (Bow with arrow drawn, as if about to fire.) with a sun in the background.


Preferred hair color? Blonde
Preferred hair length? Medium lengthed. Long is too girly, short just doesn't feel right.
Preferred eye color? Blue, or green, sometimes a gold when wanting to impress.
Preferred eye shape? Rounded, but with slight curves.
Preferred skin tone? Pale, just because I'm God of Sun doesn't mean I have to be heavily tanned you know!
Preferred height? 6ft 2inches or so, good to be able to tower over people.
Preferred body type? Slim and lithe, that way I'm tall and fast, and you won't get a hit on me easy.
Birthmarks that are always there? (Even when you change shape) Mark of a sun on the back of his neck.


Likes? Sun, outdoors, plants, daytime (when he's not working) Girls, Archery, music, medicine, healing.

Dislikes? Not being able to help his sister or call on her for help, the constant bickering between the gods.

Strengths? Can occasionally rival Athena in strategies, Archery, Healing, Plague (He's in control of both) His skills with the lyre.

Weaknesses? His twin (Artemis) isn't good at personal defence, he gets caught within the arguments of the gods easily.


(NOTE: I know gods/goddesses families are complicate. As such, the only required field in the Family section is Demigodly children.)

Demigodly children (currently registered)? Nathan House.
Parents? Leto and Zeus
Siblings? Artemis (Twin) And every other god and goddess is related to him somehow.
Spouse? None, though he's had many lovers in the past.
Other? Tries to be friends with everyone.


Apollo reigns supreme! Oh, and if you choose to be a child of his, PM me if you want him to post watching over you (Can't promise to get everyone though... I mean, come ON, I do get around Wink)

Most people know your personal history. Write down anything you'd like here.

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