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Post by Ryan Ross on Wed Apr 13, 2011 10:30 am


Name? Ryan Ross
Nickname? Ry, Ross
Age? 12
Birthday? (Month/Day) March 4th
Year-round camper or only summer? Summer only
What is packed in your suitcase? Eyeliner (lots), clothes, shoes, harmonica, iPod, How to Defend Yourself from Garden Gnomes (book), toiletries, gum (5 React, 12 packs), sword, lighter, cell phone, Pokemon cards, contacts, and sword


Hair color? Brown
Hair style? Short
Hair length? Short
Eye color? hazel
Eye shape? regular
Skin tone? Fair
Height? 5'4
Body type? Skinny
Birthmarks? Nope
Other? A small scar on the bridge of his nose

Likes? Pokemon, fighting, learning, foreign countries, history. academic competition, chocolate
Dislikes? Idiots, Yu-Gi-Oh!, swimming, archery, jokes and trivia
Strengths? Learning, Pokemon matches, fighting strategy
Weaknesses? Pokemon, chocolate, new history books
Other? Shy, very quiet, very intelligent


Immortal parent:Athena
Regular parent: Brendon Ross
Siblings? Nope
Pet? A turtle called Squirtle

~Personal History~
He was conceived in a one night stand and after that, lived with his dad who stayed unmarried. Ryan grew up in Florida and was constantly the top of his class. He had to wear glasses, so bullies were constantly breaking them while they were still on Ryan's face. So he eventually got a scar on the bridge of his nose. He came to Camp when he was 10 and spends school years with his dad being home schooled. He likes ancient history above all types, and is obsessed with Pokemon.

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Post by Athena on Thu Apr 14, 2011 6:35 am

Nice try at a profile, Ryan, but there are a few things we need to clear up.

Add some detail? Only reading this profile, I can tell very little about you. Why don't you give a bit more information on yourself--the relationship with your mortal parent and myself, for example.

Why are you my son? I can't seem to find a reason. Remember, children of Athena are intelligent; please try to make sure that you somewhat stick to canon.

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