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Post by Anthony MacPherson on Tue Apr 12, 2011 12:00 pm

Anthony MacPherson But-be10

Name? Anthony Tyler MacPherson
Nickname? Tony
Age? 17
Birthday? November 11
Year-round camper or only summer? Only Summer
What is packed in your suitcase? My dagger, my clothes, my drumsticks, a picture of me and James, my iPod, and whatever else I need.


Hair color? Black
Hair style? Messy, but sometimes slicked back
Hair length? Longish
Eye color? Brown
Eye shape? Almond
Skin tone? Pale
Height? 5'11
Body type? Built
Birthmarks? N/A


Likes? Nighttime, Challenges, Winning, Music, Breaking the rules, Fighting, Having a good impression, Protecting people he cares about
Dislikes? Losing, Waking up, Following rules, People
Strengths? Charming people, Listening, Protecting people, Music, Winning, Fist fighting
Weaknesses? Too caring, Too nice, Gets in over his head, Too possessive


Immortal parent: Erebos
Regular parent: Juliet MacPherson
Siblings? N/A
Half-siblings? N/A
Pet? N/A

~Personal History~

Anthony had a simple life. His mother cared a great deal about him and he always knew he was a demi-god. His protector was James and once Anthony was moved to Camp Halfblood when he was ten, James went to another demi-god. A child of Hades apparently. James lives in the Hades cabin with the girl, but doesn't really talk to her much. She is very guarded. Even though Anthony had formed a huge crush on her.
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