Thy Son, Not Like Thy Father

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Thy Son, Not Like Thy Father Empty Thy Son, Not Like Thy Father

Post by Aaron Chase on Tue Apr 12, 2011 8:17 am

Aaron patted his bed to make sure nothing was on it, before he sat down. His German Shepard, Justice, sat between his knees as her tail thumped on the ground. Aaron held his hand out, and Justice bumped her head up into it. Aaron grinned slightly as he scratched her behind the ears. "How's it going girl?" He asked, bringing up his other hand to scratch both her ears.

He supposed his guide dog was anything but. She was a playful one, and Aaron was lucky to have her. Sure, she did guide him around like she as supposed to, but she was always messing with him. She would sometimes lead him into walls. People have asked if he would want a different dog, but he always declined. Justice was special, like he was. He blinked his eyes, though he knew it would never clear the blackness that he was used to.

"Where's my suitcase, Justice?" He asked, his right hand resting on the dogs head. She moved her head down, and Aaron's hand moved with it. He felt for the handle of his suitcase and picked it up. He raised his head and breathed it. The air in the cabin was charged with hidden electricity. It made the hair on the back of his neck stand up. Even he knew that Justice's hackles rose every time she felt the charged air.

He wished he didn't have to stay in this cabin.
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