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Aaron Chase Decllaenn


Name? Aaron Damian Chase
Nickname? Just goes by Aaron
Age? 16
Birthday? (Month/Day) September 1st
Year-round camper or only summer? Year-round
What is packed in your suitcase? Clothes, his guiding stick, his sunglasses, a few books[braille] and a photograph of his mother(though he cannot see it).


Hair color? Light brown
Hair style? Usually short, wind swept
Hair length? To at least the edge of his neck
Eye color? Ice blue
Eye shape? Round
Skin tone? Tan
Height? 5'11
Body type? Slim and a little gangly, but otherwise strong
Birthmarks? None
Other? Blind


Likes? Medicine, the Gods, his friends and family
Dislikes? His father, his weakness
Strengths? Kind, honest, usually a good person to be around
Weaknesses? Blindness, lightning, thunder
Other? N/A


Immortal parent: Zeus
Regular parent: Justine Chase
Siblings? N/A
Half-siblings? N/A
Pet? Guide dog named Justice

~Personal History~

Aaron was born in America to his mother and the God Zeus. He was always anxious to get to know his father growing up, since he was a smart kid and his mother had told him the news of his father when he was very young. At the age of fourteen, Aaron angered his father severely. As such, Zeus took away his eyesight, ensuring that the boy would listen the next time something was asked of him.

Aaron is now sixteen years old, and he is still without his sight. He stays at the camp year-round now, instead of going home every summer. He finds himself frightened of turning eighteen and being thrust into a world where he doesn't know where he's going, or what he'll be doing. He learns and works to the best of his ability, and some day, he wishes to ask his father to withdraw the curse that Aaron has been given.
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