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Name? Thomas Ewan Celare
Nickname? Too many to put down.
Age? 14
Birthday? (Month/Day) 28th February
Year-round camper or only summer? Year round most of the time, occasionally tries to just go the summer though.
What is packed in your suitcase? Clothes, Books, little notes on relationships and how to get people together. Then there's the other bare necessities, like weapons.


Hair color? Brown
Hair style? It's usually left fairly messy, but he neatens it when he feels the need. (He thinks it looks better messy though)
Hair length? About mid neck, with a fringe and usually a back-comb applied.
Eye color? A light blue with a couple flecks of a darker green.
Eye shape? Slightly ovular, but still quite round.
Skin tone? Fairly pale, but not albino like pale, slightly darker, but not by a lot.
Height? 5"5
Body type? Slim, but slightly muscular.
Birthmarks? A heart shaped scar on the top of his right arm, near his shoulder.
Other? He gets the occasional blemish, but whenever he does, he quickly eliminates it. He also gets sunburnt quite easily, which annoys him greatly.


Likes? Sunlight, Flowers, Mutual love, relationships.
Dislikes? Un-needed hatred, to see unrequited love,
Strengths? Persuasion (Thanks to his charm-speak) Finding out about crushes and who people love.
Weaknesses? Isn't the best archer and doesn't always do well in water.
Other? Thomas thankfully has been practising with the sword for a long time, so while he's a child of Aphrodite, he's proficient in fighting and can forge a few basic weapons. He doesn't want to just be all flowery and love, even if he does like matchmaking.


Immortal parent: Aphrodite.
Regular parent: Jonathan Celare.
Siblings? Doesn't know.
Half-siblings? Jonathon Liks.
Pet? He's planning on one, but not yet.

~Personal History~

Thomas always felt just a little out of place in the world, while people almost always liked him, it felt artificial and untrue, as if he was somehow forcing them to be friends with him. He later understood after being escorted to Camp Half-Blood that it was his ability of Charm-Speak, and while it made him a powerful individual, he wouldn't be able to only use that alone. Since he was escorted early after he was involved by chance with monsters finding an older half-blood. They realised he could see through the Mist too, so took him with them, where he was claimed by Aphrodite soon after.
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