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Name? Colby-Jane Annabella Darkwing
Nickname? Colby, CJ, Colby-Jay
Age: 16
Birthday? April 30th
Year-round camper or only summer? Year-round
What is packed in your suitcase? Well a lot of things. A bunch of books, her dagger... maybe.... her stuffed animal dog (it stays in the suitcase...) and some journals and such....


Hair color? Dark brown
Hair style? Normally puts it in two braids or a messy bun. Sometimes leaves it down..
Hair length? Mid-backish
Eye color? blue-grey
Eye shape? Round/biggish
Skin tone? kinda pale
Height? 5'5"
Body type? Skinny, Athletic...a bit curvy.
Birthmarks? nope.
Other? Scar on her left shoulder from first encounter with a monster.
Also, always wears a necklace with a key on it.


Likes? reading, writing, training, running, boys, Pandas, badgers
Dislikes? swimmng, talking, talking to boys, snakes, cats, school
Strengths? Fighting, getting out of sitiuations, smart, quick, sarcastic, witty, logical
Weaknesses? stubborn, stutters sometimes,sarcastic, shy, doesn't do so well under preasure, has ADD, any sort of mention of her brother.
Other? Getting better at that whole... 'talking to others' thing....


Immortal parent: Athena
Regular parent: Gregory Darkwing
Siblings? James Simon Darkwing (Deceased)
Half-siblings? Archer Darkwing(9) Nat Darkwing(6)
Pet? Jono, her pet hamster

~Personal History~

Colby-Jane was found on her fathers doorstep on April 30th along with her twin brother, James In Seattle, Washington. Gergory Darkwing was only 22 at the time but despite his young age, he was still a wonderful father.

When CJ and James were 3 years old, There was a 'sitiuation' with a monster. Soon after, they moved to Paris, for the safty of the twins. CJ and James grew up in Paris, learning French slowly and getting kicked out of pleanty of schools. When they were 6, Their father met Delia Woods. When they were 7, he married her. (her half-sibilings were born when she was at camp)

When she was 9, She and James started attracting monsters, Their father had told them the truth and they started getting more.... 'attention' It was on April 23rd that CJ got her scar and lost her twin.

They were headed to Camp Half-Blood, having been found by a satyer when it happened. They were almost there, only 10 miles away when the monster attacked. The Satyer tried to help, but was knocked unconscience by the monster.

Her brother died that night, saving her. He died right there in front of her. It still haunts her today. The necklace with the key had been his, a gift from someone.
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