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Name? Nathan Symphon House
Nickname? Nate, though usually goes by Nathan
Age? 16
Birthday? (Month/Day) July 7th
Year-round camper or only summer? Year-round
What is packed in your suitcase? Books, clothes, his different musical instruments, a bow made by his father just for him, and his mother's most prized possession, passed to her son.
Family Irish Signet Ring


Hair color? Deep brown, nearly black
Hair style? In his eyes, shaggy and swept off to the side usually
Hair length? Near the middle of the back of his neck; he doesn't keep it that long, usually cutting it after a while.
Eye color? Sea green
Eye shape? Round
Skin tone? White, but tanner than most
Height? 6'0
Body type? Slim and built, but doesn't have too many muscles
Birthmarks? None
Other? --


Likes? Reading, archery, music, medicine, his heritage
Dislikes? People who lie, those who don't listen, idiocy
Strengths? Honesty, compassion, able to get along with most.
Weaknesses? The dark, water
Other? --


Immortal parent: Apollo
Regular parent: Cynthia House
Siblings? None
Half-siblings? None known
Pet? Ferret named Rush

~Personal History~

Nathan was born to Cynthia House in Ireland, and as he grew up, he came to find that things just weren't the same around him as for the other kids. His mother told him that his father was the God Apollo, thus prompting the boy to want to meet his father. As such, he's only met him once or twice, to his dismay. He prefers playing his music and a quiet day of archery compared to most of the other campers.

When his mother died from a hit and run, Nathan withdrew more and became a year-round camper instead of just a summer one. When he turns eighteen, he'll be out into the real world, hoping that his father will guide him along his way.
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