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Post by Savanna Williams on Thu Apr 07, 2011 4:03 am

Savanna walked into the familiar Hades' cabin that she had gotten used to as her home. She had gotten back from visiting her mom's grave. It was something she did on the tradition of her death. Sav didn't miss her mother in the least. Why should she? Her mother was never there and neither was her father. Of course Hades wasn't there... he's Hades. Her mind chastised her, making her scowl in annoyance. Savanna was used to not having anyone, besides James.


James was her only friend. The only one that actually stuck with her through all of her issues. No one else at her school wanted to be friends with a failing, stealing, practically orphaned girl. James, of course, was assigned to protect her, but they really did get along. They had an actual friendship. Of course, that was until those damn cyclopes decided to kill him. Savanna felt like it was her fault. She was the reason why he was dead. They were coming after her.

Shadow suddenly jumped out of her leather bag and landed onto Sav's bed. Shadow was a gift from Hades, her father, for her birthday. Her birthday which was conveniently on Halloween, which was a week before her mother's death. Oh, how life loved to spite her. Shadow was a small, black kitten with intense grey eyes, the color of Sav's. They were a perfect match.

Savanna went over to her bunk. Last year, Savanna had help from Briannon (the oracle) and together they cut the top bunk from the bottom. So, there were two beds that weren't bunk beds. It was quite ingenious. There was enough room in the cabin to have on bunk bed and two free standing beds. Sav's bed was located furthest from the door. It was small, like all the beds, but it was more than she had in the past. Back when she lived with Melinda (who she now refused to call mom), she had to sleep on the couch. Her mother never had enough money to buy Savanna a bed. And Sav never wanted to sleep in her mother's bed while she was gone because Gods know what happens there.

Sav was antsy. She didn't want to be confined to her cabin. It was summer, she should enjoy it. Walking over to her full length mirror, Sav glanced at what she was wearing. Dark wash, ripped skinny jeans; black, lace tank top; the Led Zeppelin tee shirt that she somehow did manage to steal all those year ago; her black, worn-out combat boots; leather jacket that belonged to Melinda; and all her rings. It was a traditional Savanna outfit. Her hair was wavy and down her back like usual and her eyes were lined with eyeliner. Lips were painted a dark red and she looked bad-ass. Too bad she felt less than that. Her eyes showed how cold she was. Ah... how fun it was to be the daughter of Hades.

Walking out of the cabin, Shadow followed Savanna. As Sav walked out, people stared. No one dared to approach Savanna. She wasn't nice to them if they did. Maybe she should go visit Briannon. Briannon was the only one who could stand Savanna. Sav could barely stand Bria, but she did manage to. Hm.... she thought, so many things to do.

((Permission to GM Briannon Keller))
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