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Name? Sara Harmond
Nickname? Anything but Sara
Age? 16
Birthday? (Month/Day) January 14
Year-round camper or only summer? Summer
What is packed in your suitcase? Picture of Stan (shhh) and of her and Savvy, random bottles of hair dye, a knife


Hair color? Purple at the moment - subject to change
Hair style? Straight - again, subject to change
Hair length? Shoulder-length - subject to change. AGAIN.
Eye color? Brown
Eye shape? Round
Skin tone? Pale
Height? 5'6
Body type? VERY skinny and tall
Birthmarks? Scar on her cheek
Other? Noooope


Likes? Change, being silly, talking, entertaining things, TV
Dislikes? Rules, being bored, people who can't take a joke, love
Strengths? Adaptable, friendly, generally happy, sensitive
Weaknesses? Crazy, somewhat bipolar, occassional depressed spells, cannot let go of the past
Other? VERY unpredictable and a little crazy


Immortal parent: Thanatos*
Regular parent: Hillary Harmond
Siblings? Nope
Half-siblings? Not as far as she knows
Pet? A spider that hides out in her cabin, if you count that

~Personal History~

Sara was born with brown hair but barely kept it until she was 13 before dying it green. Her mother, a weak-willed woman, doesn't even attempt to keep her daughter in check. Sara (who will go by anything but her name) loves her mother, but is very independent from the woman. Since she was five, she has learned to depend on herself. At the age of 12, she went to Camp Half-Blood and was claimed as Thanatos' daughter; at 13, she met Savanna Williams, someone who she considers her best friend. When she was 14, she fell deeply in love with a mortal boy named Stan. She is still struggling to get over him, and absolutely hates love for making her seem so weak around him.

*Thanatos is the god of death. (Hades is NOT the god of death, he is the god of THE dead and the Underworld.)
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