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Name? Jonathon Marcus Liks
Nickname? Thon, Jonny, Jon, Pretty Boy, other things that aren't very appropriate...
Age? 17
Birthday? (Month/Day) 8/17
Year-round camper or only summer? Year round
What is packed in your suitcase? Clothes, shoes, romance novels (well written ones), moisturizers, various other cosmetics, four brushes and two combs, and a folding mirror he keeps in his pocket.


Hair color? Brown
Hair style? Spiky, crew cut
Hair length? Short
Eye color? Brown
Eye shape? Regular
Skin tone? Tannish
Height? 6'0
Body type? Thin with little muscle
Birthmarks? Nope
Other? Nope


Likes? Make-Up, modeling, clothes, romance novels, designing clothes
Dislikes? Blood, stains, ugly people, smart alecs, meanies
Strengths? Modelling, swimming, fashion design, make overs
Weaknesses? Academics, fighting, socializing
Other?Vain, picky, arrogant, ignorant, very shy, Cacophobic


Immortal parent: Aphrodite
Regular parent: Kylar Liks
Siblings? Nup.
Half-siblings? None I know of
Pet? Nup.

~Personal History~
Jonathon grew up wealthy and constantly praised for his looks. Ergo, giving him a rather big head and making him very, very vain. He wass taken to Camp when hew ass 12, and stayed ever since.
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