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Savanna Williams Michel10

Name? Savanna Minette Williams
Nickname? Sav or Savy (call her that and you die)
Age? 16
Birthday? (Month/Day) October 31
Year-round camper or only summer? Year-round (but visits her father in the Underworld often)
What is packed in your suitcase? Her sword, her journal, Her black cat (Don't ask), her clothes, her old pocket-knife and other things that you don't need to know


Hair color? Dark Brown
Hair style? Wavy and messy
Hair length? Long
Eye color? Dark grey blue (Almost black)
Eye shape? Almond
Skin tone? Pale
Height? 5'4
Body type? Willowy
Birthmarks? A skull shaped birthmark on her collar bone
Other? Wears a ring on every finger (besides pinky's and wedding). Rings: A circle cut ruby, A snake, A claddagh, A princess cut sapphire,A circle cut emerald, A moon shaped ruby, and a tree


Likes? Reading, Writing, Being alone, Sword fighting, Arguing, Being right, Running, Music (Singing, Listening, Drums)
Dislikes? Overly-happy people, Doing lots of physical work, Having to think rationally, Listening to other people, Love
Strengths? Sword fighting, Getting her way, Being manipulative, Lying, Acting, Playing the drums
Weaknesses? Too stubborn, Doesn't listen, Wants her way, Not knowing her own strength, Can become apathetic, Holds grudges


Immortal parent: Hades (I got permission)
Regular parent: Melinda Williams (deceased)
Siblings? None
Half-siblings? None that she knows of
Pet? A black kitten named Shadow

~Personal History~

Savanna was born and raised in New York with her mother Melinda. Savanna wasn't aware that her father was Hades. Her mother had told her that he was a wanna-be rockstar and that it was a one-night-stand. Savanna never missed her father or really wanted to see him. Melinda was too busy sleeping her way across New York to notice that he daughter was failing school and getting into trouble.
Savanna used to get into trouble a lot. She would steal things and break into places. She had a talent for the drums and singing. She supposed that she got those gifts from her father. During her school years, Savanna failed out of every class. She was dyslexic and had ADHD like most demi-gods. Her only friend was a boy named James. He had to use crutches wherever he went. Most people teased Sav and James, by saying they were dating. They ignored those claims though.
One day, when Savanna was twelve, she talked James into going with her to a pawn shop to steal a Led Zeppelin shirt that she has been wanting. While there, the shop keeper caught her just as she was about to sneak out. Savanna tried to make up a lie, but it didn't work. The shop keeper then procided to freak Sav out by turning into a Cyclops.
Savanna started freaking out, like any reasonable person would. James became a satyr and gave Savanna a sword. Savanna didn't know what to do, so she just started fighting the cyclops. By some miracle, Savanna managed to kill the cyclops, but more came to defend its brother. James and her fled. James managed to lead her to Camp Halfblood. But, James was killed by a cyclops just before they got to safety. Sav was heartbroken and became reclusive after that.
Sav lives at Camp Halfblood full time. She wants to be far away from her mother. Most people at Camp Halfblood are frightened by her dark personality. She doesn't really care though. Her mother died when she was thirteen. She was murdered. Savanna didn't really care. She knew that that probably happened on purpose, considering Hades claimed her as his child.
Savanna's only friends at Camp Halfblood are Sara Harmond and Briannon Keller. Savanna can barely handle Briannon, but Briannon has always been warm and welcoming to her. Even if Savanna doesn't admit it, she wants that motherly figure in her life. Savanna actually thinks of Briannon as her mother in a way. Sara is the daughter of Thanatos; the God of Death. So, that's what her and Savanna have in common. Sara is very different personality wise, but they get along great because they both have that death background. Anthony MacPherson is also Savanna's close friend. His father is Erebos and he lives in the Hades cabin with Sara and Savanna.
During the summer, Savanna had a brief relationship with Jonathon Liks; a son of Aphrodite. It caused her other best friend Tony to get extremely jealous. Anthony kissed Savanna one day, while she was still dating Jonathon. That causes Savanna to punch him and their friendship to end momentarily. When Jonathon left for a modeling job in Paris, Savanna kissed Tony, realizing that her feelings for him were far too strong. Now her and Tony are in a healthy relationship.
In July, Jonathon came back to camp and when Savanna ran into him, a hell hound attack them. It bit Savanna's leg and Jonathon was hurt. Savanna did manage to kill it though. Now, Savanna is working on trying to get better and dealing with her strong feelings for Tony that are starting to scare her... since she doesn't believe in love.
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